Mark Turner - Fear and Doubt in High Performance Programs

Mark Turner - Fear and Doubt in High Performance Programs

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This week we are talking to Mark Turner who has just finished a stint as Triathlon Scotland high performance coach.

In this podcast we wanted to open a non judgmental discussion about the nature of high performance sports programs and what can be done to remove the toxic elements of doubt and fear.

All sports programs, even down to the grassroots level, suffer from some degree of politics and conflict. Often we find that doubt is a personal driver that infects the collective. Doubt is the cynical thought process that leads to protective beliefs, and limits the expansive lateral thinking that leads to a well oiled collective machine that creates athletic success at the end of the chain.

Psychological safety is a big component within a well functioning collective. In this podcast we discuss the power of vulnerability, authenticity and honesty as a route to making a sustainable change to the high performance model, in order for us to best serve the purpose at the end of the chain; great, well adjusted, fully developed athletes that are capable of performing at the top level with a background of solidity and solidarity.

There is something in here for everyone, coaches, athletes and administrators at all levels.