Mick Di Betta, WaterMan on The Channel of Bones

Mick Di Betta, WaterMan on The Channel of Bones

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This week we are talking to waterman Mick Di Betta, the inaugural World Champion Molokai to Oahu prone Paddleboard Winner. Mick has been a top 10 fixture in that event for nearly 21 years, which is an amazing feat in of itself.

Mick is also a coach who has coached many champions to the world championships, working both online and physically with his group "Just Paddling". Many of the world's top 10 paddlers follow Micks programs, and his knowledge of the ocean and the Molokai strait is second to none. Mick is also a level 3 surf coach so has the perspective of both the athlete and the coach.

The straight is not referred to as the "channel of bones" for nothing, it has a fierce reputation as one of the world's most dangerous pieces of ocean.

So we thought Mick would make for a great podcast on the importance of staying calm and centered in an ever changing environment like this, and to speak of the reality of what mental strength means when not just facing performance pressures, but also instinctual survival pressures.

If you are interested in what it means to balance performance, headspace and survival all at once spoken by the true salt of the sea, this one will hit the spot!