Opportunity, the Light in the Dark

Opportunity, the Light in the Dark

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The viral shift. It’s not about answers, it’s all about the questions!

As a species we have spent an inordinate amount of time and effort trying to make stable that which is by nature unstable.

Our main lesson here is that nothing in physical life is stable, even reality.

Reality is in fact as solid as tissue paper. I’d like a dollar for every time I have heard the words, surreal, weird, eery, strange, come out of peoples mouths lately.

The fabric of reality can tear so very easily, it bends, morphs and changes shape, and much like that tissue paper reality is the nature of our thinking, it changes shape at every moment. Banking your future on thinking is banking your reality on chaos. There is nothing stable or rational about thinking in a panic.

Collectively we have an opportunity to move into flow with the planet we live on and it’s dynamic nature. Or we can stay the same!

That opportunity though is a very personal and individual process of reflection and introspection. Am I going to move out of this the same way I came in?

The remedy to all bad dreams is simply to wake up, right now life is slapping us awake. We now make the deeply personal choice to wake up or continue to take part in the bad dream.

If you want a shift in the world, the first place you have to make it is inside yourself, otherwise life will do it for you, as we get  dragged through one warped reality into another.

If you are feeling challenged, uncomfortable, anxious, frustrated, depressed, fearful, apathetic or just plain confused, this one is ode to you.