Pattern Interrupt

Pattern Interrupt

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We  are full of patterns.  Habitual, unconscious ways of being in the world built mostly around safety.  Programmed patterns are running all the time in our training, many of them separating us from our own internal power. The past drags us around by our bootlaces unless we are very consci to it

All the metal, subconscious scripts that we run under pressure play at the forefront of our minds eye drowning out the potential in us. 

If you are going to interrupt any physical or mental pattern, there is one immutable rule to do doing so,  that is to make damn sure you are consistent. Ritual and habitual intensions are crucial to making real change. 

This one is not for the faint hearted, It pulls no punches, sometimes thats what it takes to wake us up into a pattern interrupt. 

Make change or stay the same, thats the choice. If you want something different, you have to be prepared to do something different. 

Otherwise Its a case of monkey see, monkey do. Nothing new comes unless we observe ourselves closely and take responsibility for that.

What you can expect to cover in this one:

  • Pattern Interupts
  • Habit Setting
  • Ritual Intensions
  • The Animal Body that you are
  • Primal Drivers
  • Grounding 
  • Internal Power
  • Pressure
  • Using your own energy as the driver
  • Nurturing Performance 
  • Inviting Success

Probably a lot more too in this brain dump. 
Hope you enjoy,