Psychological Mutations and that virus

Psychological Mutations and that virus

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Doubtful, fearful, reactive, defensive, divisive, alienating, isolating, estranging, inharmonious, disingenuous, manipulative, repetitive, cynical, victimising, dishonest, deceitful, underhanded, duplicitous, insincere, calculating, scheming, devious and unscrupulous.

A bunch of words to describe the tip of the iceberg that we have all been witness too in Australia and around the world in the last few months.

What do they all have in common? They are words, mutations in truth and reality, states of mind that form thoughts, beliefs and ideology, actions that are born of this small group of words and thoughts fed in a matrix of chaos and confusion, that are met by the amygdala in our brain that alerts our nervous system that something is up and fires up the fight and flight response which takes our rational brain offline. It's an amygdala hijack that requires a mindful approach to solving.

Nothing gets solved by doubt, fear and panic. We each need to serve ourselves a healthy dose of mindful thought and action right now in the interest of keeping ourselves centered. Living life for the moment is the best way of keeping ourselves healthy in this stressful time.

There are always two ways to look at things, within the toughest of times, opportunity lies, growth waits, evolution patiently waits for the opportunity to leap and we never know the hidden reasons behind such discomfort and suffering. Perhaps Krishnamurti said it best when he said "man does not see the illusion in fear until he loses everything there is to lose and then realises there is nothing to fear".

Footnote: The content in this podcast is personal, one mans observed opinions, using words as a means of expression, is always fraught with misunderstandings and context issues so listen up with an open mind or switch it off.