Race Day Pain and Suffering

Race Day Pain and Suffering

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There is nothing like race day pain and suffering to test our mettle. The deals we make with ourselves in the smoky backrooms of our minds, the tenuous connections that we make to our own internal strength, often frayed at the edges by the experiences of the past and the doubts of the future.

That incredible day before a big event where the mental pain at times often feels overwhelming, only an athlete or anyone who risks much knows that feeling, that low drawn feeling of ambiguity to a future that isn’t here yet, and yet close enough to make us suffer.

  • But what if there is another way?
  • What if the answer is nowhere near as complex as the stories our minds create
  • What is the truth?
  • What is the reality?
  • What is the possibility in all of this?

If you have ever experienced what I am talking about here, you may want to listen to this one. We never arrive at clarity without investigation and enquiry.

As athletes and humans, we tend to investigate everything for an advantage, and hey, athletes are opportunists, but they tend to overlook the one area that can leverage the greatest of all advantage, the space between our own two ears.