Race Week Head Games

Race Week Head Games

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Isn’t it strange how we are able to train so consistently and so confidently in the day to day training environment, but as we draw into race week the jitters begin.

Some of that shakiness is a requirement, a shakiness that alerts us to the fact that we are about to go into battle and that we need all our reserves to be awakened.

However once that shakiness moves into the realm of doubt, we move into a shadow land of hidden inner judgements, criticisms, doubts and fears, yes those ones we don’t want the competition to see.

In this episode we are working to bring clarity to what is helpful and what is harmful to your performance in that uncomfortable week called race week, and the pitfalls we set ourselves up for unconsciously through the inner habits we perpetuate and the resistance we create to the process we trained so effectively for physically.

Nerves, anxiousness, obsessiveness, doubts, fears, agitation, avoidance, resistance, apathy and how to reach an optimal pre race arousal level all covered here in this episode to help you negotiate the tricky landscape called pre race angst.