Respond Don't React

Respond Don't React

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Want the best of yourself?

It's not about how you react; it's about how you respond.

Critically, it's about your state of mind as you respond that governs the quality of the action you take in that response.

You're programming around what you think you can and can't do radically affects your capacity to respond from a place of power rather than from a place of defense. If you are responding from defense, you are out of your power and trapped in your head.

All that you see in front of you is how you feel in your head.

Let me give you an example: How does the world look to you when you are sick?
It's not the same world, right?

Yep, Its pretty drab! Did the world change or did your perception of it change based on the way you feel?

We know through scientific research that we process the world based on our history, not on how it actually is in reality.

So, when you hit that spot inside yourself where things start to get difficult in a race or a training session and you are in a world of pain, that hurt doesn't belong to the session or the race, it belongs to you and your perception of it.

That's a melting pot of expectations brought to you by similar experiences of your past.

You see that course as you are, not as it is.

What are you going to do to get free of that so you can contact and deal with the reality of it as it is here on the coal face?

Let's explore that real potential that you carry as an athlete and a human.