RH Episode #42- Bring The Pain Home

RH Episode #42- Bring The Pain Home

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This podcast is devoted to our companion pain.

There is an exhaustive list of the ways we have been taught to disassociate from pain.We are experts at resisting what we don't want to feel. Problem with that is, because we are resisting pain, we resist allowing our experience when we are involved in something that is creating pain.

If you are resisting pain in your training, you are resisting chunks of your training. As a consequence, you will find yourself resisting large chunks of your racing.

Its a conundrum that most athletes don't want to look at.

So I'm here to draw your attention to it because it is also a huge area for opportunity, growth and expansion as an athlete and as a human. If you can learn to bring your pain home, your inner fracture during training and races will cease.

This one is about meeting your pain and discomfort.

Learning how to stay present and attentive to your process while you are experiencing pain.

Learning how to allow your pain its place. Allowing it to empower you rather than having it siphon all your energy into victimhood.

Dive in.