The Athletes Second Chance

The Athletes Second Chance

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Your second chance is being served to you on a plate. What are you going to do, survive or thrive?

Athletes often tend to miss the importance of moments that contain opportunity. Often in hindsight we identify moments that provided key opportunity’s that we missed, because we were too busy sitting in judgement and making ourselves victims of the situation.

This moment is calling for a key decision, perhaps one of the biggest in your athletic career, what are you going to do with this time? Make yourself a victim of the situation or find a hidden opportunity?

So this weeks podcast is devoted to using this time to develop a strength and a skill that has been hidden from your view in all the noise. The unlimited potential of your own internal focus provided to you courtesy of your own awareness.

The mind is a narrow corridor of your awareness, you have an opportunity to vastly expand its capacity for focus and clarity in a time where the world has vastly slowed down.

Self awareness in athletic terms can take you far beyond the limitations of mind and thought into the twilight zones of becoming one with what you do. You move from self judgment to self awareness.

Awareness is always present, it’s level of effectiveness depends on how much attention you are able to pay to what’s really happening in your experience, rather than what the mind is projecting onto your experience.

When we talk about mindset we pay very little attention to the fact that what we are really talking about is taking away the layers of mind based illusion that covers and clouds our awareness, a virtual removal of the rubbish to expose the real.

An effective “mindset” is in fact a lack thereof, a subtraction of the weight and the noise to allow the innate intelligence to flow into your direct experience. You can’t increase awareness with more thinking, the word mindset is an oxymoron.
So here’s the skinny, not just in terms of sport but also life.

Our identification with the mind is the root of the problem. We believe our thoughts before we believe our experience, it is utterly backwards!

We fail to realise that our eyes are like projectors onto this world. We need to raise our awareness of what we project, because we don’t realise that we are the creators of this reality. I don’t take this lightly, this is not a small opportunity for athletes, it is hands down the greatest. Nothing you can think about or do physically even gets close.

Don’t overlook the power of the awareness In the heart. Your heart is a muscle. With awareness you can learn how to harness its power, It’s not just a physical point in your body that pushes out blood. It’s the centre of who you are and when we are unaware we don’t see or feel its ability to overcome adversity and challenge.

The world is giving you a pause in your crazy world to find something new about yourself that could revolutionise the way you train and race.

Try and see now before it becomes hindsight, this is your chance to work the mental edge hard. If you can get through this, you can get through anything!

You’ll never get an opportunity like this again, you make a choice to endure it or thrive as a consequence of it. Seriously this time is giving you the quiet reflection needed to make substantial gains, don’t piss it away filling it with noise.