The Doubtful Performer

The Doubtful Performer

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Doubt is the ultimate cynic.

Are you sick of manifesting the opposite of what you want? Repeating the same outcomes regardless of the preparation? Feel like a victim, not a victor? Fatigued from trying?

Do you know what trying would look like if doubt were not present and you were?

If we could only see the athletic process without the filter of judgment, tags, labels, doubts and fears and into the power of pure seeing. We can, it is available, and it is a choice that we have to choose to make.

Doubt is that gnawing feeling of not feeling grounded in our true sense of natural confidence. It's a cynic, a liar and a cheat, that whispers shadowy thoughts into our sense of stability.

So today we take a little exploration into the realm of doubt, the role it plays and the havoc it wreaks on our athletic endeavours.

How doubt does it, how it gets imbedded, how we manifest what we don't want, and what we can do about it.