The Embodied Athlete

The Embodied Athlete

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Don’t define yourself as an athlete, embody it!
What does that mean? It means bringing it home.

The measurement of the process is useless without the awareness it takes to integrate it.

The integration is about the intelligence and the self awareness that you apply to the suck and the embodiment of the physical unfolding that is taking place right here and now.

This is how physical consistency, adaption and development work. Cognition and consciousness are not just functions of the brain but are also influenced by the body and its interaction with the environment.

The physical and mental process is utterly interconnected.

This forms the whole approach of my own coaching and mental skills jam man.

You are: head, heart, body, mind and soul. Not less than that.

This one is about bringing the whole athletic journey home to yourself where it belongs and is at its most potent.