The Epidemic of Anxiety

The Epidemic of Anxiety

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In this episode Grant explores the epidemic of anxiety. I pulled the trigger on this particular podcast due to the fact that so many have contacted about the subject of anxiety.

Anxiety steals the peace, tranquility and efficacy of living life as a being. We suffer so at the hands of anxiety because we misidentify ourselves as objects. Unconsciously we feed our anxiety the fuel it requires, which is our own ignorance of our true definition.

If we want to work with anxiety, first we must understand what and who anxiety and fear really occurs to. Here Grant explores our relationship to it and ourselves, and the ways we unconsciously get ourselves stuck in it, and more importantly what we can do about it. How we can put an end to the fear inside the fear.

While ever we see ourselves as an object, we will see ourselves as doings not beings. Beings naturally do, objects are inert lumps of matter that have no being, if we see ourselves this way, how can we not feel anxious?

Anxiety is a misinterpretation of our true identity, the confusion that comes with that  keeps us stuck on a rats wheel of illusion, dissatisfaction and despair. But it need not be that way.

Anxiety likes to hide out in the dark corners of our subconscious waiting for an opportunity to strike, it thrives on our ignorance and lack of awareness. However you can't be caught off guard if you are looking at it, allowing it, accepting its presence.

In this podcast Grant explores a mode of recovery from anxiety that has lasting power. It's about moving into your own power and getting back into the drivers seat of your own life. The first step is to commit to change and to give up the resistance.

If you suffer from anxiety, know someone who suffers from anxiety or even if you worry too much, this one is for you.

Its time to stop the rot.