The Giving Up in Success

The Giving Up in Success

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Today Gilesy discusses the immense power in the seemingly opposing recipe of giving up in Success!

It’s not about what you gain, it’s about what you give up. What are you willing to give up for your dreams? Your late nights, your social butterfly ways, your high GI sugar fixes, your self judgment, your doubts, your fears, your Friday afternoon beers?

Ultimately success is not measured by what you have, but by what you have given up! What you find in that giving up of outside attachment is the source of your very own power that fills the gaps in the void your attachments have left behind. Real power, tangible power.

We need to sacrifice the peripheral to find our center, whereby we are in flow with success, in rhythm with it, in sync, that means subtraction of that which is surplus to the flow of success itself.

When we want to have an each way bet and fail to fully commit, we stay out on the periphery, we know we haven’t made the necessary sacrifice and the heart knows it, so we are at the mercy of the spinning periphery, we cling and hang on for dear life and just hope we don’t get flung off the success trajectory we have sold our ego and neglected to swallow into our heart and gut.

Heart and gut is the answer to the athletic realm and just about every other realm of life for that matter.

When we really start to dig into the twilight zones, do we really believe there’s a chance in hell we are going into that place without heart, will, desire and guts? None of that is coming from your mind.