The Hierarchy of Mental Sports Performance

The Hierarchy of Mental Sports Performance

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Most of our problems as athletes are bound up not in the way we physically train but in the way we think and react to the stimulus.

No point in training like a champion and thinking like you have already lost.  To make any real change we first have to understand what it is we are thinking.

Importantly we can change the way we think, feel and react, creating a positive, supporting mindset for performance at the very same time.

In this podcast Grant gives you an overview of a winning mental strategy

  • The Why
  • The Intention
  • The Purpose
  • Visualisation
  • Rituals / Habituals
  • Intentional Action
  • Belief
  • Perseverance / Resilience
  • Many More

Working on performance from the inside out is the best way to bring mind, body and spirit into a state of flow that leads to the ultimate in  personal performance excellence.