The Missing Link Is Trust

The Missing Link Is Trust

What is possible when we truly accept the outside world and ourselves as we are? What is possible if we drop all the judgement? All the names and shames that cloud our athletic trust.

We have to measure our goal against what the motivation is, and if the motivation is to simply add something to ourselves in terms of ego or reputation, then that motivation won’t be strong enough and the required faith and trust will be MIA when we need it most.

We need to anchor out trust inwards so we can draw on it in the heat of battle. Words, ideas, thoughts and belief are not enough for an athlete under pressure, stability is felt, not thought. Anchoring your motivation and trust in thought is like relying on a thief to not take your last 5 bucks.

Faith, will, desire, heart and guts are the key modalities to self trust, all of them are felt sense, not thought. You can try and think them but it will be a thin, weak hologram representation of the real thing. As a master, thinking makes a great servant. Don’t cower to your own thinking, most of it isn’t even original to you.

Over the coming months and hopefully years I plan on bringing a mix of interviews with athletes, coaches and psychology professionals, as well as touching the keys areas for all of us wanting to live a richer life.