The Scent of Truth

Finding your own inner strength so you can bring it to the world.
The Scent of Truth

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People have ideas about mental strength which are not entirely true, often thinking they need to be ruthless with themselves.

They tend to think they need to have an Ironclad will that shows no vulnerability, no mercy, no leniency. But that which does not bend, often breaks.

The problem is, it is weak as it is projected outwards towards the world, and strong as it’s projected inwards towards ourselves. Like a tracker on a scent or footprints in sand , he has to use an element of intuition or the trail and the footprints will be lost in the sands for ever.

If he starts to follow every track and every print in the sand, he will lose the scent completely.
This is a metaphor for how we lose our own  scent. We get lost trying to track our own progress because we only want to assess it from the outside, but it doesn’t work, it’s not enough!

A torrent of fiction, drowning in a sea of information bereft of a direction, a million tracks leading to no where if we are mindful.