RH Episode #41- The Cheat Code

RH Episode #41- The Cheat Code

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Ive been punching away at blogs for many years. In many ways that writing has become my own teacher. 

Raw curiosity has dragged me headlong into a personal investigation of my own state, and the writing it spawned has held a mirror up to the world of performance. 

The curiosity brings the questions, how do we live our best life? How do we bring ourselves to the zenith of performance? 

The answer is we don't! We bring the performance to us. 

The simple answer I have learned and experienced is that we need to bring more of ourselves, and as such we unweight ourselves of a mental burden. We are not adding to the burden of performance we are subtracting from it by simplifying it.

To learn how to accept the more uncomfortable aspects in the world of performance we must learn how to accept our own experience and let it teach us. Thats all about coming back to your own essential power, which in essence is the refusal to move a millimetre away from yourself.

How are you going to do that? I've written a cheat code on it. 

This podcast is a very short summary of the key aspects. 

Whether you plan to explore the cheat code with me in the coming months or simply listen to this podcast, there is plenty here you can use in your own journey of self exploration and peak performance.

At this stage I am thinking I will present an interactive webinar series over 6 sessions. Details on the cheat code will be coming up soon. 

If you feel like reaching out with questions, you can DM me here- grant@aeromaxteam.com