Race Face

Racing Insights

Final checks in transition before the race begins!
Photo by Ashley de Lotz / Unsplash

There is always a lot of athlete talk about becoming one with the race.  But even that hints at a separation.

The truth is, we are at our best when we are not separated. If you want to find that state of flow or zen that we all talk about when we talk about great performances, then eliminate the dualities inside yourself. So, instead of trying to become one with it, become none with it. It’s not you and the race, or the course.

It’s all just you! That’s right, everything that’s happening out here in this race is appearing to you and for you, and is ultimately made of you. That’s a pretty big responsibility, right?

There is no quicker way to lose contact with it than to go into separation with it. To judge it, to resist it, to not be willing to feel it, because when you do, you are opposed to it, you are in separation from it. If you are going to do this thing, don’t divorce yourself from it.

Photo by Algi / Unsplash

When you become none in it, you become the process itself. The mental opinions about it drop and the actions you need to take become natural, not contrived. So realise, what you are witnessing out there is a mirror to how you are viewing it in here. Yep, you are responsible for it, not the course, not the so-called “other” competitors, and not that bloody headwind.

It’s all made from your own perception and the decisions you are making based on what you are experiencing.

If your noggin is clouded with dark, resistant thoughts, then you are going to see nothing but darkness. That is your choice…..That’s the truth of it!

If you really want that poker face, lose all the ideas, opinions and one-eyed judgments and just let the process absorb all of your attention and intension. Become none.