Racing in Hell

Racing Insights

All races where you don’t feel your best are your greatest opportunities.

The question is not about what is happening, the question is, what is it I am telling myself?

Try to think it about it like this, when there is a duality, there is a story. So that means when you are in judgment of what is happening there is story, when there is story, there is added psychological pain.

All psychological thought is interpreted, so it’s not the truth, it’s a form of judgment. Can I trust this thought to be alignment with my goal here?

When we release the judgment and just allow ourselves to feel the discomfort we become present with what is and you can’t argue with what is. What is “is”!

The mental gymnastics around what we don’t like, won’t help. So we need to become fully present with what we are doing and what we are feeling.

Once you allow this presence, the duality stops and you become what you are doing, you turn the doing of it into the being of it, then the pain gets to do what it needs to do, leave at the same rate it builds up. Tired legs, dead legs, when racing can force you to learn how to operate fatigued, but only if you can stay out of judgment.

Just accept and allow as much of the discomfort as you can, don’t argue with what is, make little agreements with yourself beforehand, I agree not to judge pain, I agree to allow discomfort, I agree to relax into pain.

We are not taught this shit, we are programmed by society to avoid discomfort, mentally and physically.

We actually can make choices.