Rescue Today

Training Insights

Embrace discomfort and challenge for personal growth and development, emphasising that seeking safety and repeating old thought patterns leads to nothing but apathy.

Swimmers diving into a new adventure to explore the ocean.
Photo by Orca / Unsplash

War cannot shake the ground if you cannot be provoked to seek safety and resist discomfort. All the barriers to our development are not out there in a world that we need to fight and argue with. They are right here in between our own two ears.

We don’t get anything new by thinking the same things we’ve always thought. They are called thought patterns because that is exactly what they are, patterns that repeat. As you were, nothing new to see here! Sure, those old patterns might feel safe, but it’s just a lie that apathy whispers in your ears to make you think you can control what happens by doing nothing.

Get over it, it’s not safe. Nothing is. So it’s hard. So it’s uncomfortable, so it’s brutally real and disappointing, let it be.

Reality is the bastard child of the present moment, but there is no arguing with that, at least it’s honest. What are you learning by listening to those old repeating thought patterns of yours?

Excellence is a state of flow, not resistance! It’s being complete with where you are right now and refusing to provoke yourself into reaction through safety, fantasy and projection. Seeking safety on tomorrow’s shoreline isn’t going to bring development, because tomorrow is a rescue that never comes.

All we do is put it back further and further until there are no today’s left. This is easy, just stay where you are people. Don’t seek rescue in disassociation. Stay present, stay out of self-judgment, stay out of tired old repeating thought patterns that don’t even apply here anymore.

Fly free against that voice in your head that says you can’t. It’s bullshit. Yes you most certainly can! Don’t be provoked by others who speak against your journey out of their own fears and doubts. Leave it with them and don’t take it on. The portal of development is laid bare when you realise that the discomfort and the challenge need to be fully accepted deep in your heart.

Swimmers diving into a new adventure to explore the ocean.
Photo by Orca / Unsplash

Forget the chorus of mental safety, it leads to nothing but apathy. Set the challenge and then leave it alone. Progress is the sum of its conscious parts. That’s all you’ve really got to know.

Now you are self-actualising. Moving into the natural creative force that is pulsing through all of us. I am a coach. I don’t do anything other than point in that direction. It’s up to you to self-actualise and create this reality.

All rivers run downstream. As my mate Mark Turner used to say, a high tide floats all boats. Don’t fight with what it is.

Just learn how to have no opinion about it.

The things that you fight you become. ~Krishnamurti