Seamless Transition from Today’s Plan to TrainingPeaks

Seamless Transition from Today’s Plan to TrainingPeaks

The recent announcement of Today’s Plan’s closure marks a significant shift in the digital training landscape. As a dedicated high-performance triathlon coach, I understand the importance of a reliable and robust training platform. This article aims to guide athletes and fellow coaches through the seamless transition to TrainingPeaks, ensuring continuity and maximisation of training efficiency.

Overview of Today’s Plan Closure

Today’s Plan has been an integral tool for many athletes, offering cutting-edge technology and personalised training regimes. Its closure, slated for 12th March 2024, necessitates a swift shift to a new platform. Understanding the nuances of this transition is critical for maintaining training momentum and data integrity.

Why Choose TrainingPeaks?

TrainingPeaks emerges as the ideal successor, renowned for its comprehensive features catering to high-performance athletes. It excels in customisable training plans, detailed performance analytics, and a user-friendly interface. Unlike Today’s Plan, TrainingPeaks offers enhanced compatibility with a wide range of devices and deeper analytical insights, essential for fine-tuning high-level training.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transition

  1. Exporting Data from Today’s Plan:
    • Log into your account and navigate to ‘Account’ settings.
    • Select the download icon and choose ‘Activity files’.
    • A link to download your data will be sent via email.
  2. Setting Up TrainingPeaks:
    • Create a TrainingPeaks account and go to the ‘Upload’ section.
    • Follow the prompts to import your exported Today’s Plan data.
  3. Data Importation:
    • Ensure that all historical training data, including workouts and performance metrics, are correctly imported.

Maximising TrainingPeaks with a High-Performance Coach

TrainingPeaks is not just a data repository; it’s a platform that thrives under the guidance of a skilled coach. I focus on leveraging its analytical tools to tailor training plans that respond dynamically to each athlete’s performance data. This personalised approach ensures that every workout is optimally challenging and aligned with long-term goals.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

  • Can I transfer all my data from Today’s Plan to TrainingPeaks?
    Yes, most workout data and performance metrics can be transferred. However, some specific notes or coach comments might not be transferable.
  • What if I encounter issues during the transition?
    Reach out to the support teams of both platforms or consult with your coach for technical guidance.


The closure of Today’s Plan is undoubtedly a significant change, but it also opens new avenues for growth and development with TrainingPeaks. As your coach, I am committed to ensuring this transition is as smooth and beneficial as possible. Feel free to reach out for any assistance or personalised coaching needs.