Stop The Chase

Stop The Chase

Mental Skills

Everything you reject about yourself is a rejection of your experience!

Why would you want something that doesn’t want you?

Should we be beggars for our own love?

If you really want something, you have to draw it, not reject it. The more work I do in the athlete mentorship space across all sports, the more I hear it. It also applies to the buisness world. The process is riddled with bullet holes from our own mental shots.

The mind is something you have to train with habitual patterns. There is a need to zoom out and look at the truth, the mind is not an ally unless you train it to be.

Every doubt, fear, internalised and externalised historical trauma in the subconscious realm of the mind informs your experience. You have to look at how you reject the experience you are in right now based on the habitual thought patterns you come with, especially when you are challenged.

If you are serious about wanting a goal or a dream, explore how you reject it with your thoughts.

Then, explore how you reject yourself!

Because you can’t realise a dream or a goal while you are rejecting yourself. Everything you reject about yourself is a rejection of your experience!

This is what depression and anxiety are made of; rejection.

Mental rejection is a toxin to life itself. In the sports world, it’s superman’s kryptonite.

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The real enemy hides within. What are you going to do about it?

I trust that our habitual mind patterns are here to show us what doesn’t serve us. To force us to explore and accept ourselves as we are. If you can do that, you can unlock your own personal power.

Then your dream has its best chance of becoming a reality.

You have to be one with it, accept it, accept yourself and power flows in the one direction.

Stop chasing, start drawing.

Explore your rejection and engage the most profound and life-changing force available to us.

The power of acceptance.