Straight Shooting

Straight Shooting

Training Insights

time lapse photography of three men cycling
Photo by paolo candelo / Unsplash

Coaching is not about bringing on success in an athlete, it’s about removing all the obstacles to it. I see my job as chipping away all the rubble that your potential is hidden under. Putting an athlete in touch with a certain level of self-trust is where I point my coaching radar. One by one, the obstacles are removed, physical blocks are overcome and psychological hurdles are discovered to not be true.

Most people think they need to add something to themselves to become somebody. I believe the opposite is true. The bullshit needs to be removed! The story that tells us we are not good enough as we are. Any kind of development is a fire.

If a precious metal is going to be purified it needs to pass through fire, and it needs to be put under pressure. What is left after that melting process is the gold that you are after. It was always there though, it didn’t come from anywhere else. I

n the end, it will come down to the level of faith and trust that you have in yourself. Don’t idolise other people or try to emulate them, be utterly true to yourself. If you really want to emulate a great athlete, the best way to do that is to be ruthlessly yourself, because I’m telling you, that’s what they did.

So, when are you going to start that process?

If not now, when?

What is a good coach? To me, that’s someone that shoots it at you straight.

This is about as straight as I can shoot.