Training Insights

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Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm ~ Winston Churchill.

That quote speaks to the truth that the inner fire must always be superior to the situations we experience and what they contain. You can only lose faith and motivation if you allow the outer experience to put out the inner fire.

The real link fo internal power is to cease the self judgment based on the comings and going’s of good and bad sessions.

Even though in sport we tend to measure our level of success based on outcomes and results, the truth is, we are not working to become superior to other people, we are working to become superior to our former selves.

That’s how we win out. A change is made in the way we view ourselves and it’s an inner shift of perception.

Valour, courage, integrity, nobility, confidence. All of them are internal movements.

They move from the inside out, you can’t gain them by beating your chest. Hyperbole hates that truth, right?

Internal movements that connect us to our authentic power. Enthusiasm, motivation, will, desire.

Yep, it’s all made of you. What we really do in effective training and racing is to ask our bodies to follow that inner movement.

Physical training is an empty vestal without the inner shift that must take place if we are going to perform to our potential and handle the setbacks.

Tour de France
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Despite all the hyped up ideas we have about performance and confidence, it amounts to a donut without faith and trust in self, and the inner shift that informs the body that, yes, I am superior to my former self, not just physically, but more importantly psychologically!

Update your software, you can absolutely change the way you think, feel and react. Be superior to who you were yesterday.

If the world kicks you in the guts, stay out of judgment and focus on what you want.

Once the inner fire supersedes the outer setbacks and failures, you will know the truth of superiority.

These skills of self are often referred to as the soft skills. I believe they are the only true solid skills.

All else is fodder for the machine.