The Heart of Danger

The Heart of Danger

Racing Insights

Better a cruel truth than a comfortable illusion. Break your heart as many times as it takes to find your true limits.

If we don’t strike at the heart of danger, then we can never taste the true fruits of our potential. Human beings seek safety instinctively.

We are wired for protection and to create safety. Many athletes try to race safely. The day to day training environment is built almost exclusively around pacing. It’s a given that pace is important, but the truth is we are here to race.

I hear so many people talking about the need to control every detail of the experience. If you are so focused on control, then you are not experiencing and you are not learning.

The question is, can you learn to relax and trust yourself?

Here is a truth, you’ll never learn to dictate a race if you are a slave to control.

You gotta get in touch with your instinctual self, your heart, your guts, your will and your sex. What is this overwhelming fear of blowing up?

Yea, it’s the death of that particular race, but sometimes we need to fall on our sword, let them see you fail.

Who gives a fuck?You do, and that’s the problem.

If you want to find the truth about yourself, you have to be prepared to break your own heart.

Better a cruel truth than a comfortable illusion. Break your heart as many times as it takes to find your true limits.

Pay attention though, don’t let the lessons go begging. Racing is not training. If you can’t step up, you might as well step off.

Stop kidding yourself, there is no safety there. Ruthless attention to detail, true presence and raw consistency will take you to the race ready to rumble.

Make no mistake though, safety will choke the life out of your racing. It will rob you blind of your ability to truly step up.

"There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself." – Miyamoto Musashi, Japanese Bushido.

This is where you have to put up or shut up, and it’s all about self-trust.

Racing is an unknown, get over it. Meet it head on. Bring a yes to it!

Don’t give it your safety, give it your conscious best.

Racing is a teacher. It is not training, it’s another beast entirely. Allow the suck, accept the danger of failure, taste the intensity and learn how to do a dance with the risk.