The Perfect Prep

Training Insights

Waiting for the stars to align? For your big chance to shine?

That perfect prep, that next big step. Yea, that lucky break.There’s a hint here, the word “that” is out there and your potential is in here.

So your dream "is in" here too, not out there, and while you are waiting for the stars to align and for the conditions to be perfect, your chance is going begging.


Because it isn’t perfect, it’s f..king messy!

I’ve worked in the world of performance for a long time, people often mistake my quietness as ignorance both professionally and socially. If I have one power though, it is the power of quiet observation.

I don’t make assumptions based on opinions or other peoples points of view. For better or worse, I allow myself to go through the shit to get to the gold. So I am going to give you one piece of pure observational experience.

The level of your success is only a measure of your capacity to handle the messiness. To take the broken pieces and not try to put them back together again, yea, you heard right, to allow the mess to direct the passage of your flow.

If you wait for perfection, you will never strengthen your bond with the challenge itself. The challenge is difficult because it is out of the range of your comfort zone, that is, as it should be.

2021 Heck of the North Cyclocross Race, Cleveland, OH
Photo by Ally Griffin / Unsplash

The path is straight forward, friends. Simply don’t resist what’s happening and take action from there. To take the best action you can in the messiness and the chaos. That is the direct path, no need for “out there” land.

Let yourself land in the challenge regardless of all the stories your head comes up with around why you should wait until the conditions are right. Just jump. If it’s messy, as it often will be, you will learn.

“If I waited until I had all my ducks in a row, I’d never get across the street. Sometimes you just have to gather up all you’ve got and make a run for it!” ~Judge Lynn Toler

The fear of failure and the fear of winning are the same animal that is waiting for the conditions to be right.

Honestly, where you find your fear, that is where your real work waits.