The Power of Ground

The Power of Ground

Pressure to perform? Head spinning like a top? That congested, compressed, claustrophobic feeling of having no time and no space. That voice telling you again and again, I must, I should, I shouldn’t? The outside pressure of people and circumstances weighing down your process?

Hate to break it to you, but it really is all in your head!

My how we love to put the burden of pressure on outside sources, when the truth is, there really isn’t any, its all on you, its all by you.

I know, I know, but there are sponsors, employers and people supporting you.

People have made sacrifices, big money is involved, I haven’t made it, I’m not talented enough, I haven’t reached my potential, this is my goal and this is the outcome I’m chasing.

Yours, yours, yours!

Horrible responsibility isn’t it? No wonder we love to shift it. It’s enough to make a person give up, and trust me, many do. There is no prosthesis that can be manufactured to prop up a broken dream, at the end of the day we have to deal directly with what is reality.

So lets look at reality, the real thing, not the conceptual, belief conditioned, structured mind based version.

The cutting edge of reality arises in the moment you are in contact with the process you are engaged in. Not yesterday afternoon, not tomorrow morning, not last year, not 5 years from now. Not in who spent what, who did what, who sacrificed what or who said what.

On the cutting edge of reality that is arising in your process you have only one route that can move you towards your goal, one!

Not even two, there is no two, there is no duality, there is only you. This idea that there is even me and this process is also an illusion.

Not until all removal is made of duality will you be working with the true nature of true performance, that is anchored in the here and now.

We lose so much time, space, growth, development, evolution and potential by projecting a duality that does not exist anywhere but in our heads.

So what’s the skinny?

First thing to replace your thoughts with is to realise that there is nothing out there.

Second thing is to own your journey, and mean it. Turn it back inwards and take full responsibility, forget what happens out there, what people are saying.

Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one!

Don’t get lost in dialogue and rhetoric, that mode is good for camouflaging politicians untruths and non realities, but little else.

So what can we do to remove the duality in our process and in our lives generally? Because truthfully, you can’t have one without the other, you will just end up doing a snow job on yourself if you try to bring it to your process and try to leave your life out of it.

Your life is your process ultimately. Again there is no duality.

So a simple practise is “ground yourself”.

Grounding is the simple practise of feeling your feet in contact with the ground. If you need a mental image, picture that there are roots that have grown out through the soles of your feet and that they go down deep into the Earth. Breathing through your belly, centering yourself, staying in your density and out of the stories of the mind.


Try it and you will find out why. Try to hold that feeling and that mental image of grounding and have your mind speaking at the same time.

It’s not possible, one cancels out the other, do you know why?

Yep, there is no duality. However there is a reality.

The reality is with the souls of your feet anchored into the Earth. Forget What your head says about it and practise it regardless.

Bring it to training, bring it to your process, make it the anchor that supports your process at all times. The anchor you look for outside can only exist inside.

What does this do for performance? It removes the duality of thinking and the deeper aspects of you.

It severs the belief system from the reality of intuition and inner guidance, leaving the intuition and inner guidance to direct the process.

Yes, you remove the politician from the equation, no more judgment, no more internal noise, no more plea bargaining, no more doubt, fear, confusion, internal disputation or inner war.

No more guilt over what you are or are not doing.

Just you and the process, and as you ground yourself further and further into the process, something magical happens, you disappear and become the process itself.

The you that the mind tells you that you are, dissolves back into itself and awareness takes over the drivers seat and everything becomes a singularity.

Awareness accompanies all experience, can you say otherwise? Can you say that about your thoughts and beliefs?

Every single thing we are aware of changes, the only thing that does not, and cannot change is your own awareness.

When you ground yourself you are moving into pure awareness. Awareness is aware.

Time stops, space opens up, resistance drops, compression becomes expression, limitation loses its meaning.

Potential is a word that describes the boundaries of an outward bound mind based gripping of a process. When you remove duality you remove all the blocks, all the limitation, all the boundaries.

Yes you start to live freely, this one critical little practise can truly change your whole life.

I implore you to try it and get consistent with it.

If you really want to delve into it, you can always book a session or message me.

Life and process is an open book, remove the duality and truly live it and love it.