The River flows

The River flows

Mental Skills

When you really pay attention to life, you become aware that it’s all a flow.

Sometimes it’s a meandering creek, sometimes it’s a raging torrent, at times it’s a frozen lake, and sometimes it’s a river of shit!

Whatever it appears as, it’s always flowing.Even a freeze is a flow. We all know through our direct experience that you can’t stop water from doing what it’s going to do. This is a metaphor for the reality of life.

If you resist, it’s going to drag you by your bootlaces. You have far less choice than you believe. The choice you do have is to choose flow over resistance. You see, we kid ourselves that we can hold onto the bank of the river and resist the flow. It is, in my opinion, our most poisonous belief.

We have this idea that we can resist things we don’t want to feel. The crushing losses, the lost loves, the fears, the worries or the overwhelm. What’s wrong with feeling overwhelmed? Who says you can’t?

I have over-noticed the details in my own life. Hanging onto the worries for grim death, and in many ways, that’s exactly what it is. The death of the beauty that is arising in this moment. All the little anxieties that draw my attention away from the flow. All it does is rob life of its peace.

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Photo by Zac Durant / Unsplash

In the end, the lesson is that they are there to be felt, not thought. What if we all let go of this bank we are hanging onto? What if we chose flow?

What if we all stopped wasting our precious life-force on shit that won’t matter to you on your death bed? That’s looking after yourself, to admit the truth to yourself, even if it sucks. That’s allowing the energy to flow.

I have this intuition that life will reveal itself to us when we fully allow the river to carry the direction of our flow. I think that is how we find our own true power. I want to live with audacity and luminosity.

The luminosity of each individual expresses itself through the trauma and pain of living this life as it is, rather than avoiding it. It is about realising yourself against the backdrop of the collective that is still hanging onto that bank. In the end, it’s about the belief in your own journey and its deeper purpose.

I’m realising all the ways I have spoken against myself and the damage that has done to the flow of my own purpose. But maybe that’s just the rocks that I had to flow over to reach this point. We are more powerful than we realise.

It’s about harnessing the flow rather than trying to control it. Freedom comes when we learn to let go. Creation comes when we learn to say no. I realise that no one prevents me from believing in myself.

Even if I’m kidding myself, it’s still my joke.

All our deeper hidden talents arise in allowing the river to carry us downstream.