The Truth About Our Potential

The Truth About Our Potential

Don’t ask your head to operate your heart, It can’t. There’s no reality to a life lived in thought.

There’s nothing at all wrong with thinking however, unless you believe it.

We can entertain all sorts of thought, we can spend hours flying through all sorts of complex illusions, projections, judgments, fears, ideas, doubts, worries, hopes and dreams.

Reflections, selections, what your given or not, who did this to who, what I want and what I’ve got.

So yes, don’t ask thought to operate reality. It does not function that way. Thought comes prior to, and after reality has taken place, it’s only capacity is to consider reality. It takes place outside of the reality that is occurring now, if you are thinking about it, it is already past tense.

Have you ever been in a squabble with another human over something trivial and watched it descend into anarchy, each listening to their own inner dialogue of how they have been wronged by the other?

Trying desperately to defend their position based on a pile of illusion that resembles a lasagne, just keeps adding layers of illusion, you keep eating but you know your not getting anywhere.

No truth can be found because essentially there isn’t any. How many corporate boardrooms entertain absolute fantasy and illusion of thought rather than the reality of the process I wonder?

In the same way I have watched countless athletes entertaining thought based fabricated nonsense fuelled by doubt, fear, expectation and judgment within a process that deals strictly and ruthlessly with the present moment.

Yes that’s right, the present moment is ruthless, it cares not one iota for what you think should or should not happen. It takes your illusions and tears them to shreds again and again, as if to make us realise that it is boss, and it is.

The present moment is king and thought is a peasant that dreams it is a king.

So for many the dream goes on, sometimes the dream lines up for a short while if the energy in the dream is harnessed into the present moment, but eventually all dreams must come to an end and the present moment and reality are unmoved and unchanged.

My oh my, how our fragile little egos resist the ruthlessness of that truth. How quickly we make ourselves the victims of it, that ruthlessness, the woeful story of how it all ended up!

But the truth is that reality and the present moment are not your enemy, not your foe to overcome and overrun, they are your teacher, and they will keep the lesson running until we wake up from the illusions and the dreams.

The opportunity is to align ourselves with the truth, to understand that what occurs here and now is the litmus paper that gives us contact with our own potential of the being that lives, breathes and functions strictly only ever here and now.

There is no separation between us and this moment, we are literally the vehicle that carries the experience of the present moment as the source of its own existence, what kind of insanity it is to consider different?

For the benefit of the goals we hold dear we must understand that reality can only occur here through us, when we entertain fear, doubt, resistance, victim based thinking we are robbing ourselves of not only our truth but our potential.

We hang on so tightly to our thoughts and history, we believe it is how we are defined. Who am I without this story?

Meanwhile reality and the present moment report back to us in every moment that we have this all backwards.

We go to sleep at night without a second “thought” about how we are going to survive the night.

All the thoughts that we entertain and that we believe keeps us alive frags out into nothingness at night as the mind takes a backseat and reality takes over.

Our mistrust of life and reality is so unfounded, life itself takes care of every single thing, and what a miracle it is.

Without a shred of our thought based inner verbal diarrhoea, everything is taken care of, the amazingly, infinitely complex myriad of physical existence is taken care of by an unseen force.

Blood is pumped all over this incredible vascular network, organs are doing their designated job, waste is being removed, the blood is being cleaned, your lungs are being breathed.

At the same time dreams very much like the ones we entertain all day long are taking place in a mind that has no fixed address. If the mind is so critical to survival how is it that we survive the night?

Who and what is at the helm in these hours? Who do we think is at the helm in our waking hours?

The primary source of body intelligence is not the thoughts that float around your dream space, they are as reliable and tangible as the past is to the truth of this moment. The past is gone, the future isn’t here yet, only you are.

So from a work, sport, relationship, life perspective the truth will only work through this moment, if you bring the past or the future here, anarchy is the only mode that will win out, you against the truth of your own state. Multiply this by every person in the room and it’s easy to see how this gets out of hand.

Our potential is a product of our ability to live our own truth, forget short term success, the world is strewn with the corpses of careers and lives attached to a success that wasn’t true.

We have the innate inner capacity to thrive by living succinctly here and now and to appreciate the unfathomable depth of our own existence, life is an impossible truth, if you want the fairy tale, you are already living it, you just don’t know it yet.

That ruthless teacher is still trying to teach you the most valuable lesson you’ll ever learn.

The teacher is encouraging you to drop all the pity parties, the pretending, the hurts and the blame.

All the power is with you, has always been with you and always will be with you.

Don’t ask your head to beat your heart, it can’t, it won’t, it don’t!