The Wounded Mind

The Wounded Mind

The uncomfortable, the unchartered, the unknown, the unfound, the unbound, the unlimited, all of them engender a feeling of aliveness, don’t they?

The thing we all fear the most which is death, is in fact present right here and now in the way we fail to live in this moment. It is present in the way we limit ourselves, in the way we shrink ourselves and condense ourselves into the objective entity that our minds would have us believe we are.

Don’t follow the mob into mediocrity by seeking safety where there isn’t any. You can’t temper the mind by living to its boundaries, that is not living, it’s suffering.

The mind is a hoarder, it witnesses experiences but doesn’t know how to let them go. It catalogs them and files them all under good and bad, safe and unsafe, right and wrong.

It measures, compares, sits in judgment and hands out sentences and penances for transgressions against nothing other than a conditioning.

The conditioned is contained by the conditioning, if that’s not a type of death then I don’t know what is.

If we want to live an authentic, well lived life then we have to do what many are not prepared to do, to live by the heart, to trust in its direction and it’s movement, to follow the echos of its yearnings and to listen to the intuition that the heart provides when we stop listening to the dialogue of tripe that the mind plays on a never ending loop.

To stop trying to define the undefinable. To avoid looking for useless definitions in tags and labels based on the doing of a wounded mind hell bent on expanding its ego.

Instincts are messages from your soul that call you to wake up and live!

The intuitive silent shadow in your waking hours that call you out into the winds of chance, the salience in the echo of the call that the deeper sense of you naturally wants to follow.

No matter how wounded the mind thinks you are, it is the unlimited that is the root of our natural state.

Naturally that state calls to adventure and asks for trust without knowing the destination nor the outcome.

It calls deeply for us to let go of the attachments we cling to so tightly and allow ourselves to fall into the arms of grace, to take the risks, to take that chance and to realise, regardless of the outcome that life has our backs, as it does.

Are you reading this? If so life has your back, it always has, name one thing that has happened that you haven’t overcome thus far?

Don’t answer that with your mind, the wounded entity will always find an illusion or a story to move you away from your deeper truth.

What is the deeper truth?

Death is a word we use to describe the absence of life, you cannot be death. We fear an illusion bought to us by the wounded mind.

You are life. You are it’s very definition.

Unbounded, unchartered, unlimited, the unknown and the unknowable, immeasurable and beyond compare.

Be what you are. Live!