Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

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Photo by Algi / Unsplash

There is an enormous momentum around AI. Excitement, fear and doubt seem to be the predominant emotions that are being carried by that momentum.

In my opinion, like everything, we can’t know what we don’t know when we don’t know it. So I’ll take a wait and see approach, stay open to the possibility and see what it brings.

There does seem to be a certain level of fear that AI will reshape coaching or take out the humanistic aspect and replace it with algorithms based on best guess through data and analytics.

It would be lovely but somewhat naive to think that an inert object could prescribe a coaching model that would work across the board, because you can take the process out of the human, but you can never take the human out of the process.

Humans can only see around 0.00035 per cent of the reality that is present. That’s wild, right?

Objects appear to us, we do not appear to objects, it’s a slippery slope to allow our subjective experience to become overwhelmed and overstimulated by outside influences that remove our level of presence.

Our experience of this world is largely subjective. That means, regardless of how you want to view it, while objective experience is tangible, it is still the subjective experience of an individual's mind.

So, anyway you cut it, you can’t remove your own presence.

Your subjective experience is critical to the learning, the coping, and the subsequent adaption. The neurological pathways in your brain are trained through your subjective experience. We will never be able to farm that out.

Coaching is a humanistic endeavour. Half the job is understanding others and what they are going through in a subjective experience. The thoughts, the emotions, the management of discomfort, doubts, problems, the stimuli and the reaction.

A Kaleidoscope of human experience is what you are, and when the chips are down you need to be able to call on your will and subjective experience to maintain the rage.

The goal posts are moving in terms of technology, no doubt, but at the end of the day it will still be between you and your heart.

That’s why we will always love sport. It brings us closer to ourselves.