Consider This

Mental Skills

Photo by Angel Santos / Unsplash

We are always strategising and thinking about how we are going to achieve our goals.

Doubtful, worrying, anxious and fearful are the thought modes of transport that our ego uses to divorce us from our own basic trust in ourselves. The truth is, your body can handle more than you think.

You’ve just got to stop thinking about what you think you can’t do. We’ve got way less control over what happens than we think.

A large degree of what is happening has nothing to do with you at all. It’s just happening. Even your body, which you think is you, is growing, dying and rebirthing itself constantly, we don’t even give it any consideration. It’s all happening without the need for any of your thought, indeed, too much thought and you start to impede its functioning and health.

That self-judgmental ego we carry around kills many of us when the weight of the thought gets too heavy for us to carry anymore.A fingernail is precious because it grows in silence without any nonsense.

Your core reactor is made of intuitive silence. Out of that silence comes your whole existence. That profile of who you think you are is made of nothing else but ideas and a history of experiences that we think defines us.

The limitations that we put on ourselves, others and the world, through nothing other than thinking, seriously flattens the life in us. Disconnected from our own intuition, we walk around with blindfolds on and become depressed and anxious. Surely all of this experience is objective right?  

It’s pretty scary to consider that none of it is. Blindfolds are for those who can’t handle the truth of what they need to see. That blindfold is made of the thought that creates the fog that prevents us from seeing reality, as it really is.

Reality is empty, utterly empty of content. It’s hard to get your noggin around that until you stop trying to, and just pay attention to the silence and stop running away from it.

All these experiences that we chase, especially the athletes reading this: That vibe, that rush, that whoosh of freedom that comes to all your senses without a single thought in your head.

That sense of freedom laden with the empty depth of silence is the reason the sense of freedom is so strong.

At last, a moment free of the constraint of thought.