You Know It Ends

Mental Skills

The movement of our mind is dynamic. It is not stable. Emotions, feelings, sense perceptions, are all in a constant state of flux.

We buy into our emotions, our feelings and sense perceptions as if they were solid.

Right now I’m angry, now I’m sad, now I’m happy, now I’m frustrated. The problem is, we don’t understand who we actually are. Because we are none of that!

If I am truly this anger I’m feeling, how is it that it can rise and dissolve? Am I coming and going, phasing in and out?

No, we are aware of each different emotion, so this entity that I call “me” does not move.

These emotions come and go in its presence. Just stop identifying with it all.

We get trouble when we attach to happiness for instance, because the ebb and flow of emotion demands that happiness will dissolve and we don’t like what it’s replaced with, right?

Now, I feel flat and I don’t like feeling flat. Feeling flat makes me unhappy. Now I’m unhappy and I certainly don’t like feeling unhappy. Because I’m unhappy, I now feel depressed and I most certainly don’t like feeling depressed.

Where did happiness go?

See the truth of what happens here, we are attaching to it all. With each emotion, we bite the hook, like a fish in a bowl that never learns the lesson.

This is an unconscious pattern in nearly all of us. No one wants to be unhappy and, because of that, we are always waiting for happiness to return. Why isn’t happiness here now?

It must be in the past, or, I’m anxious, salvation must be in the future right? Yea, that’s where happiness waits for me.

Really? Isn’t that where your fear lies?

What about now? Frustrated, angry, sad, flat, depressed?

See the truth, how many times have you been here?

Stop trying to move the pieces of the chessboard around out there and come back in here and look for the answer in the only place you are ever going to find it.

Love is in here with you dude, not out there. There is no out there!

Stop attaching, they are just emotions, they are just feelings sending you a message about where your energy is flowing.

You gonna pay attention or disassociate because you don’t like the feeling again? How’s that working for you?

How many more times are you going to bite this hook? Come on, we all know it ends!

What are we trying to prove here?

Life is a lesson, the lesson is, we can’t hold on to anything. Let it go.

Yea, that’s right, let it die.

The source of the love you are looking for out there is in the place you are looking from. It’s a passing parade, just like the thoughts in your head, the emotions you feel and the sense perceptions that course through this body.

Stop running from death, it's stealing all your oxygen. Die to every day, die to every minute and to every second and I guarantee you will start to see the passing parade for what it is.