Mental Skills

Let go of the tow ropes that keep you anchored to safety. In the world of goals and performance, we rob ourselves blind of the possibility through the need to have it be secure. The need to feel good, the need to meet certain speeds, outputs, volumes, intensities.

We try to make ourselves safe in our fitness in the same way we try to make ourselves safe in the world. Now, it’s true:If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. But if we prepare out of fear, we prepare to race in fear.

We are on the back foot before we even start. People tend to see sport as a purely tactical, physical pursuit. I beg to differ, sport is art. The problem with sport right now is that creativity is sorely missing.

The creativity is missing because we think if we hold onto the metrics tight enough that we can control the outcome. That is an act of fear! It lacks trust. If you can’t race with trust, then you can’t race with confidence.

Confidence is creative, spontaneous and explosive.

It’s the part of the process that is pure art, where you react out of instinct based on what you taught yourself in training. The art is the instinct of each athlete that comes with the unique ability to take action rather than react with resistance and rejection when it invariably drifts away from what you projected would happen based on the secure attachment you developed in your training.

So here comes the hand grenade that not everyone will understand or want to hear:

There is no security!

You are leaking your own power in this security-focused brainwashing that we all have been taught in society. Security breeds conflict, it’s a problem in the world and it’s a problem in sport.

We are trying to negotiate sport like we negotiate life, on the back foot, protective, cautious, doubtful and fearful.If you remove that need to be attached to that security, you remove the need to react from a structure rather than your own instinctual freedom and power.

Goggles always go under the hat for racing so they can't come off!
Photo by Ashley de Lotz / Unsplash

There is only one way you can play the tunes you came here to play. Let go of the rejection and the resistance. There is no security, it’s a mental projection, there is no truth or reality there.

My call?

Don’t make yourself a victim.

Life and sport are about meeting it as it meets you. This is where creativity and art start to develop.

Yea, that’s right, where you start playing your own tunes.Active, on the front foot, volcanic in your ideas and explosive in your action.

Untethered, unattached, creative, self-reliant, motivated and enthusiastic.

Security kills your spontaneity folks.