Walk Away

Mental Skills

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If you are any type of athlete, in fact, if you are anyone at all wanting a higher level of performance from yourself and/or your life in general, there is one thing you can do to help yourself. Let go of what doesn’t serve you!

The more you can learn to walk away from things that don’t serve you, the stronger your faith in yourself will get. The first thing is to let go of anything that is stealing your trust and faith in your journey.

Ideas, concepts, beliefs, negative self-talk or the negative speak of other people who want you to stay as you are so they can feel safe.

You have to expose the root systems within yourself that move against the flow of your own growth, that takes some vulnerability, courage and balls. It’s an inner audacity that is walking away from the tired old paradigm that keeps you stuck and not moving.

This idea that people can’t change is pure bullshit, you just have to have the audacity to move against the flow of normality, whatever that means. You have to start acting like you’ve already achieved your goal. That feeling needs to outweigh the mental limitations you put on yourself and by those outside who probably mean well but unconsciously speak against your growth.

Why do people speak against the growth of others?

Because you are making them feel unsafe, don’t take it on. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

You need to start thinking like you are already where you want to be, acting like you are already there, and that’s how the manifestation of your dreams gets activated. You have to start to participate relentlessly in the flow of your own progress and catch yourself when you start talking against yourself, so that the power of your own will becomes stronger than the nay saying of others and that of your own mind.

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You have to understand that the power of your own will and consciousness is stronger than the challenges. It’s only when the mind is free of the old that it can fully meet something new. So yes, you have to walk away from the past, otherwise the past will keep you stuck fast to the spot.

No change comes from staying the same!

You can’t enact change by holding onto a past that is over and gone. Look at the chaos in the world that is perpetuated by not letting go of the past. Our collective inability to let it go and walk away carries the dysfunctional energy forward and we repeat the same mistakes. In that way, we are simply manifesting the same things, because that is where our energy is going.

Energy is the manifesting force of your own mind. You are making that choice. No one is doing it to you.

Walk away from any energy within yourself that is not anchored to this moment. The opportunity and change you are looking for is right under your own nose, right now, right here.

Realise deeply that the words you speak to yourself and others is the house you build for yourself.If you are trapped in that house, walk away.