War and Peace

Mental Skills

Not one second should be wasted on aversion, avoidance and resistance.

Train for war, prepare for peace!

You are the caretaker of your process, it’s not happening to you, it’s happening through you. You have to be mindful of your mental hygiene during training.

Don’t infect it with bad mental habits and don’t let anyone else walk through your mind with their dirty shoes on. Get ruthless with your personal intention and attention.

Fully inhabit the situation you are in.

Respond to the challenge and quit the evasions that your mind hooks into. Allow it, invite it, go deeper into it…

If your numbers aren’t lining up to the output you want from this session, stay where you are, make no decisions. Be present enough here in training to hang in there.

Create space, wait, be patient and stay calm.

Be discerning enough to understand that any decision you make here to move away from what is happening will follow you into your racing.Because that’s what you trained. You can only race the way you practise.

What are you telling yourself here in training?

That subconscious intel is coming out on that course with you. If you can allow the war of words in your head when you are training and rise above it, you will know the power of peace on race day.

Trust, confidence and flow don’t just appear magically on race day. They are practiced, imbedded and imbued in you through your adaptive acceptance of what is happening in your day-to-day training environment.

Not one second should be wasted on aversion, avoidance and resistance.

Accept your fate like you chose it, because by being here, you are choosing it.