Weekend Racing

Big weekend of racing update.

Mark jansen won the 50-54 cat at Davao 70.3 in the Philippines. He didn't have it easy however, having been sick going in. The swim went sideways in an extreme current and he was taken well off course. He rallied with a strong bike which gave him a massive 18min lead going into the run. He cruised the run to win in 42c heat. Watch this space for Marks progress as he is a beast.

Andrew birte raced his first ever 70.3 and triathlon at Geelong. Being brand new  to the sport, he only bought a bike last Sept. In his first attempt he went 4:52 and he is developing fast. Great job mate.

David Bones had a very strong race at the hell of the West race in the Goondindi long course. Riding solo and strongly he went on to a 4:41 finish.

Liam Coyle from Tassie has been a tear with his development but ran into a roadblock with a stress fracture that took him out of running for two months. Like a trooper he took to water running and carried on with bike/swim and having only run for a few weeks still managed a 4:39 at Geelong 70.3. He went deep into the well in the race and has the heart of a true racer.