What is the Goal?

What is the Goal?

As a coach of the physical, mental and yes spiritual if that word is important to you, my goal is very clear to me these days, I want to sell you on yourself.

I feel like there is far too much complexity both in the sporting context and life. Confusion reigns supreme and the reason for that is the fact that we are confused about who and what we are.

The outside is a mirror of the inside, if there is confusion inside, there will be confusion outside, pretty simple.

We divide everything both in life and sport into two modes, likes and dislikes.

Dissecting that a little further for clarity; comfort and discomfort, safety and fear, wellness and illness, to name but a few of the opposing modes of what describes our resistance to life.

What we fail to realise is that we have always risen to the challenge of life, no matter what life has thrown at you, if you are reading this now you have a 100% track record of success.

If you are still with us your life is prevailing over all the disasters and catastrophes your mind has imagined, regardless of whether it agrees with that or not.

Yet we persist with the resistance, we fail to realise that every single thing we have experienced up to this point has been exactly that, an experience.

Now when I say my job is to sell you on yourself, I’m not talking about the self you imagine, the one you use your mind to reflect to yourself, to like or dislike. The mind does as the mind does, but just to see how the mind divides is enough as a first step.

The goal as I see it is to sell you on a very simple fact that can change your sporting life and much improve the quality of your life generally.

The goal is very simple-

Become conscious of being conscious

We talk endlessly about mindfulness and meditation, forget the tags and the terminology for a moment, move away from the mind's habit of needing to add something else. Move inwards and be aware of being aware. Who and what is aware?

Simply acting from a place of knowing first and foremost that you are conscious, you are consciousness itself. Look at your 2 year old, they know themselves as nothing but.

Make it a practice and watch what happens, as the complexity falls from your life, as you become aware of the fact that, it is as it is, it does as it does, and it needs far less help than our minds would have us believe.

We literally have the power to make the choice to take the effort out of our experience, the experience happens anyway. I think we all have a small intuitive sense of that truth somewhere inside.

If you focus on being conscious of being conscious, you will start to experience gaps in the mind dialogue. As you become more aware of the source of your own presence, silence falls into the middle where your judgment and resistance took up all the space.

In a sporting context it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the benefits here, if you can harness the space of your own source then that is ultimately what we call “the zone”, Zen, the art of being what you already are without all the noise.

If you can Imagine sport without resistance then you can imagine the true nature of what success means.

The quality of your focus moves from being outside the process, to moving from being aware of the process, to becoming the process itself, the ultimate in focus.

You are not adding anything, you are subtracting the junk, lightening the load, vastly improving quality.

I don’t think I need to even spell out the benefits for life itself.

All I am really encouraging you to do is live your life authentically as life. For life to know itself as life, as opposed to strife!

My final comment here is to ask you to explore what living life as an outer projection has done for us so far; strife, conflict, resistance, judgment, disconnect, apathy, fear, doubt, anxiety. I won’t keep going, you get the gist.

What does it do to your goals when you stand outside looking at them? What is in between that gap that keeps you from your goal? What if you leave that gap empty? Then the distance between you and the goal has no resistance.

Stop trying to stand outside yourself and become one with yourself. That’s it! That’s all!

Have you bought yourself yet?