The Triathlete's Training Bible Book - Summary

The Triathlete's Training Bible Book - Summary


Joe Friel's newest edition dives deep into triathlon training, merging art and science to guide seasoned athletes towards precision and peak performance.

Joe Friel’s latest edition of The Triathlete's Training Bible is indeed a comprehensive manual for the committed triathlete. With in-depth details on everything from nutrition and weight training to the mental aspects of preparation, this book goes beyond the ordinary to provide deep insights for seasoned athletes. Each chapter meticulously dissects facets of triathlon training, turning general activities into focused actions, like changing a mere "going for a run" into a regimen for running faster.

While advertised as an all-level guide, I'd caution beginners: this might not be your first pick. The vast amount of technical information can be daunting, and the essential advice for newcomers is somewhat hidden in the latter parts of the book. However, as a triathlon coach, Friel's approach reminds me of how classic artists revisited their masterpieces, ever-evolving and perfecting. Triathlon may not be a philosophical movement, but through this book, it's elevated to a blend of art, science, and profound thought. Each edition, especially this fourth one, layers in more depth, probing the subtleties of every triathlon facet.

In true Friel style, new content is weaved in effortlessly. The chapter on “Muscular Force” is a gem, emphasising the sport's physical demands alongside its cardiovascular ones. The annexes at the end, replete with training plans and periodisation, are priceless. They guide the athlete to not just swim, bike, or run, but to elevate each activity to an exercise in precision, pushing limits while respecting boundaries.

While this might not be for the uninitiated or those new to the sport, for the dedicated enthusiasts, "The Triathlete's Training Bible" is much like a master painter's call to immerse fully, strive further, and trust the transformative power of rigorous training. It's both a crucial guide and a source of inspiration.