July Update

July Update


Welcome to July. For some of us the month of little sleep as the Tour De France soaks our attention, but hey, what a way to lose sleep.

There is always a relatable experience in listening to the tales of those who have made it to the upper echelons of sport. So this month I thought I'd post a podcast I did with Tim Reed a few years back that bring some real common sense tips to the table.

You catch our podcast together here -

It is often difficult to stay engaged during the winter months, however it is the winter that creates the strength we draw upon in the meat of the season.

In fact I would go as far as saying that its winter that creates the ability in our consistent training so we can focus our attention on the racing in summer rather than trying to build form when we should be drawing on it in season. With that in mind I am offering 3 months one on one coaching at a 20% discount. If you are interested please just drop me a line.

On the racing front the last month we have had fine performances from Andrea Tongco who qualified for Kona at the Phillipines Ironman in extremely testing conditions, great job Andrea. Liam Coyle completing his first Ironman at Cairns in fine form in 10:37. Paddy O'Sullivan also racing well at Cairns post Covid. James Courtney Raced the 70.3 Durban to a 4:56 and 10 place 40-44 and continues his constant improvement curve. David Arnold had a fine race at Cairns 70.3 finishing 7th 60-64 cat. Well done to all.

There has also been great development in Grants mental prep work with athletes this month. Other coaches are using Grants Mental Prep services to support their athletes and I am most grateful for the trust.

Here’s a few of the latest blogs around the three pillars of Mental Skills, Racing Insights and Training Insights-

Mental Skills -

The Punisher
When we won’t face what is difficult, we make things difficult. Most of our aversion to difficulty is wrapped up in avoiding the punishment we will give ourselves. I know this was true for me as an athlete and it has been true for me in almost all aspects

Racing Insights -

Our pre-race jitters need to be normalised, so that we are not resisting the feelings and escalating it to a level it need not be at. Make friends with the thoughts, say yes to the feelings. Much of the anxiety we experience is made of the resistance to the nerves

Training Insights -

All Torque
Torque is power, transformed from intension to attention. They are two sides of the same coin made of torque. Psychological intension is made of thought, images and ideas and physical attention is made of feelings, perceptions and sensations. Perceptions are made of what you are doing with the phy…

If you are interested in Working with Grant, You can connect with him here and get a feel for his passion and purpose in person-

Coaching Services -

Athlete 1:1 Coaching Services
All of my programs are specific, relevant and built weekly to the individual needs, strengths and capacity of each athlete. There is no junk here, no fillers and every session will have a purpose aimed at making you a more complete athlete. It is a weekly individualised program with unlimited

Athlete Review Session -

Athlete Review Session
With ever increasing demands and time pressures, our capacity to clearly define our athletic journey can become muddled and undefined. Grant has spent his entire life in sport. His experience is vast in all facets of athletic life, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. A former…

Mental Skills Review -

Psychology for Athletes
Grant helps athletes fast track their way to sporting goals through mental strategies and support.

Thanks again for being part of this journey of human performance and viva La France.

Stay safe, until next month.