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April rolls around and its been another big month in terms of racing and training. I'm continuing to develop my own coaching, mentoring, and mental skills work, melting it down into one offering.

I'm working in the background with some pro athletes and sports now purely in a mental skills and mentoring capacity which, in of itself, is a form of coaching. Coaching is such a dynamic realm and I guess is my life's passion.

The wings are spreading and we are now coaching in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, such is the shrinking nature of the world and the growing importance of mental and physical wellbeing, they are one, not two.

The writing has been coming thick and fast, to the point where a book is now not a matter of if, but when. I'll keep you posted and I appreciate the feedback and encouragement, it's coming.

With that in mind, here is the tip of iceberg on this months writing:

Storm Chasers
Stop trying to calm the storm, calm yourself and the storm will pass.
Turning Point
Probably the most important aspect of physical training from what I have witnessed with both professional and amateur athletes is their ability to hold back the turning point. The highest possible output for the lowest possible oxygen cost. The more efficient you are at that, the better you will ra…
Active Rest
As a coach, I don’t do rest weeks. I don’t schedule drop off tapers either. Personally, I dose the volume, the intensity and position the sessions so there is optimal absorption. In my opinion, rest weeks are not great psychologically or physically, not that there’s any real

The podcast this month is on the nature of the "True Athlete" and the battle between on inner warrior and worrier. Get the best of your own potential:

Here are the offerings to work with me one on one:

Psychology for Athletes
Grant helps athletes fast track their way to sporting goals through mental strategies and support.
Athlete Review Session
With ever increasing demands and time pressures, our capacity to clearly define our athletic journey can become muddled and undefined. Grant has spent his entire life in sport. His experience is vast in all facets of athletic life, physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. A former…
Athlete 1:1 Coaching Services
All of my programs are specific, relevant and built weekly to the individual needs, strengths and capacity of each athlete. There is no junk here, no fillers and every session will have a purpose aimed at making you a more complete athlete. It is a weekly individualised program with unlimited

The writting and podcast content is a free service that I will continue to build on. If theres anything you'd like me to cover as a point of interest you can email me here:

Until next month, stay safe.