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Merry Christmas and welcome to the December newsletter. Having just returned from Busselton Ironman and witnessing the continuing tumbling of barriers we once thought would never be broken is inspirational. Watching athletes break 4hours for 180kms. Lisa Nordon riding a stunning female 4:21 bike time and the male winner Dane Daniel Baekkegard running a 2:37 into a strong head wind shows just how quickly the bar is shifting.

One thing that will never shift though is the need to do the appropriate work at the appropriate time. Times are being effected by the shift in technology and nutritional advancements, but it's still down to what is inside you when the chips are down that will ultimately count. It's not only about what you do physically, but how you deal with the discomfort and the pain.

Here's a vid that goes into more detail.


I was reflecting while at ironman that it had been 29 years since my first pro race in 1994. I now see my own pro career and the struggles in it as the segue to my real purpose for being here, which is coaching in all its forms. We often have this idea that failure is final. It is nothing of the sort.

As Winston Churchill famously put it, "Success is not final, and failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts". You just never know what gifts the toughest of lessons are bringing to you.

Gilesy's pro years with Reebok

Trizone Contributions

I am now consistently writing for Trizone regarding all things triathlon and mindset. You can catch those tips and tricks on the link below as they differ from my own blogs. Trizone is also a great source of expert writers and a fantastic news resource on the state of play of our great sport.

Grant Giles - Trizone
25 years experience working in an online coaching capacity both with age group and with professional athletes. My passion is the develop of physical and mental resilience.

Race Course Analysis

I am now doing race reviews and course analysis to help our athletes and subscribers. links to the latest are below.

Huskinsson Ultimate Triathlon Course Review
The Husky triathlon presents a picturesque yet demanding course in Jervis Bay, offering athletes a perfect blend of beauty and challenge.

Course Review: Ironman 70.3 Geelong - Victoria’s Premier 70.3 Triathlon
When selecting your ideal half-Ironman 70.3 race, it’s worth considering the Ironman 70.3 Geelong, Victoria, Australia, known for its scenic yet challenging course. Geelong is an honest course with the faster times belying its sting in the tail. Course Overview * Swim: This open water ocean swim is in


The Youtube channel is now active and I will be adding to this as we move along creating a knowledge base for our athletes to access. We know that 80% of the messaging in the body is moving body to brain, with only 20% moving brain to body. In this sense the process is an embodiment rather an embrainment. I plan to cover all the bases, physical, mental and the emotional aspects of this great sport.

Grant Giles: Mindful Athletic Mastery
Dive into the crossroads of athletic prowess and mental strength with Grant Giles. With deep roots in High-Performance Triathlon Coaching and insights from Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy, Grant illuminates the often overshadowed mental and spiritual aspects of athleticism. This ch…


The library is growing. Once again broken into three main catagories; Mental skills, Racing Insights and Training Insights.

Grant Giles is a high-performance triathlon coach, podcaster and mental skills coach.

Work with Grant

I am currently taking athletes. If you want to just chew the fat and have a chat about any of the options, please just reach out for a free, no strings attached chat.

Also, as a fully qualified and insured as a clinical hypnotherapist and strategic psychotherapist I am doing one on one mindfulness and mental prep sessions in all sports as well as sessions for general well being and mental health.

Work with Grant
Grant Giles, a Level-3 High Performance Coach, offers personalised triathlon coaching with a strong focus on mental resilience.

Reach out

If you have any areas you'd like me to cover in vids or blogs, reach out and speak out.

Merry Christmas and a happy new to all subscribers and their families.

Until next month, train safe and keep frothing.